Chiropractic Testimonials

“I decided to seek Dr. Sable’s care because I was experiencing severe lower back pain and pain in my leg on and off since January 2000. In 1996 to relieve the pain, I had back surgery. I also took pain pills, muscle relaxers, and used a heating pad. These things provided only temporary relief. After about two weeks of Dr. Sable’s care, the problem disappeared and I was feeling much better and able to work. He is very knowledgeable about his work and his treatment is successful. I am very satisfied and I feel much better than I have felt in a long time."

- Steve Bailey, Huntington, MD

“I had been suffering from back pain on and off for 15-20 years. At the peak of pain it was hard to work, much less to continue to be involved in sports. I’d always been involved in various sports, but during times of back pain I couldn’t enjoy sports anymore. I also enjoyed running on a regular basis, but couldn’t run without pain. Before seeking treatment from Dr. Sable I had tried aspirin, Advil, muscle relaxers and ointments. They didn’t really work. Once I began Dr. Sable’s care, I saw and felt a change right away…after a week or so. A few months after starting treatment, I no longer experience any back pain. I can now enjoy running, sports, and weight lifting.”

– Keith Gascon , Mechanicsville, MD

“I came to see Dr. Sable with low back pain and pain down in my legs and hips. I had been living with this pain for the past two or three years. The pain had been affecting all of my normal daily activities for at least a year or more. Some days it would hurt to walk, bend or lay on my sides. A co-worker suggested that I give Dr. Sable a try because of her success. I began to notice a difference after about 3 treatments. After two weeks of treatment I basically had no pain at all. This was the first time in 2 years that I had no pain. I have gone back to doing all my normal activities. I can bend and walk with no pain. I continue my treatment because of my work and to maintain level of wellness I have reached. I like the friendly staff and the caring nature of Dr. Sable. This has been a pleasant and helpful experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Sable to any of my friends.”

- Betty Barrett – Mail Carrier Waldorf, MD

“I started Dr. Sable’s care because I had severe back pain. The pain in my back was affecting how I walked, bent and stretched. I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxers to try to ease the pain but they did not work. After approximately two weeks of Dr. Sable’s care, I started noticing improvement and in about 2 ½ months the problem disappeared. I am now able to sleep through the night, tolerate everyday occurrences and deal with them and I am looking forward to going back to work.”

- Thomas Harley, LaPlata, MD

“I was suffering from lower back pain, left hip pain, and pain that traveled down my left leg. I had the problem on and off many times before. It usually went away after about a week or so but this time it lasted over a month limiting my activities for that entire month. Tylenol and Aleve would work temporarily but the pain would return after it wore off. Since my problem didn’t go away my niece suggested I see Dr. Sable, I started feeling better within 2 weeks and within a month the problem was gone. I feel much better and can once again take long walks. I also feel that Dr. Sable’s care has helped my health in general. I came in for the pain in my back and leg but it has helped my whole body.”

– Maureen Francis, Waldorf, MD

“I came to see Dr. Sable because I had pain in my lower back, my right leg and hip. I could not get out of bed and only did what I had to do. I had been going to different doctors and had about 7 different tests done. Other doctors just recommended taking pills, which I did not do because I don’t like to take medication when I don’t know what is wrong. After about 2 weeks of Dr. Sable’s care, I was good to go. With each week I got better and better. After 2 weeks, I was even mentally better. I enjoy just about everything now and look forward to doing things pain-free. My mind towards each day is better and better. I have a lot of stress in my life and this is a blessing for me.”

– Virginia Schweder, Waldorf, MD

“I had lower back pain and pain in my right hip and thigh on and off for several years. The pain was affecting my daily work. I had tried pain pills, injections into my spinal cord, and physical therapy. These types of treatments didn’t last very long. After a while the pain would start all over again. I started seeing Dr. Sable and in the first couple of weeks I could feel the difference. As time went on, I began to feel better and better. In about two months the pain disappeared. Thanks to Dr. Sable I now enjoy life without pain.”

– Barbara Chase, Waldorf, MD

“I had been suffering from lower back pain, neck pain and pain in my right arm for at least 15 years. This pain affected my work performance, as well as, my daily life. I felt pain when walking or bending to pick something up. I took pain pills, had seen other chiropractors, and used a heating pad to relieve the pain. About two months ago, my sister began seeing Dr. Sable and recommended that I do the same. After receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Sable, I still have some back pain, but not nearly as bad. I can now walk without as much pain in my lower back. I am very happy with the care I receive from the doctor."

- Dinah Gilbert, Accokeek, MD

“For the last 2 years I had been suffering from lower back pain that stopped me from doing my gardening, holding my grandchild, and just getting up off the sofa. Before I came to see Dr. Sable, I took lots of aspirin for pain. Once Dr. Sable began treating me, I started feeling better within a week. I still have some discomfort but the back pain is much, much better! I sleep much better at night and don’t take as much aspirin. My goal is to get 100% better and I would recommend chiropractic care to all those with pain.”

- Cindy Myers, Waldorf, MD

“The reason I came to see Dr. Sable was because of my hips. After I sat for long periods of time, my hips would “catch” when I started to stand up. The pain in my hips made me feel like an old lady. The pain in my hips caused me to be uncomfortable at my son’s hockey games. Instead of sitting on the bleachers, I’d have to stand up. Before coming in to see Dr. Sable, I took Advil. One of my friends recommended that I see Dr. Sable. Once I began care, I started feeling better right away. After about 2 weeks to about a month, I could sit and stand with no problems. Now, I can sit for long periods of time without discomfort. I no longer hobble around. I will continue to visit the office for care because I want to keep my spine in the best shape possible. The relaxed atmosphere of the staff and the Doctor is what I like most about this office.”

- Teresa Brooks, Waldorf, MD

“I came in to see Dr. Sable because I had neck, back and knee pain for many years. I was unable to run or stand for a long period of time because of the pain. Before seeking treatment from Dr. Sable, I took neck treatment pills with no results. Once I started care, I started feeling better right away. Now, I am able to work and sleep without pain. I will continue chiropractic care because it helps and the doctor cares about me.”

- Joseph Dorsey, Waldorf, MD

“I came to see Dr. Sable to end my headache pain. I had been suffering from headaches for years. Recently the headache pain got worse. I did not feel well enough to do many things and prescriptions and non-prescription drugs were not effective. After a week of Dr. Sable’s treatments my headaches decreased and I felt much better. I will continue chiropractic care to maintain the reduction in headaches occurrences. I like Dr. Sable’s office because the staff is friendly and flexible.”

- Ted DeLozier, Marbury, MD

“I sought Chiropractic Care after an automobile accident about ten years ago and continued treatment to get relief from back and neck pain and discomfort. Before seeing a chiropractor, I used muscle relaxers and painkillers. I wanted an alternative and decided to seek chiropractic care. Once I began care, I started feeling better within weeks and stay feeling better with weekly visits. The severity has lessened considerably, but with the long commute, business travel and a hectic schedule, I get consistent relief only through regular visits. When my spine is in proper alignment, I feel better all over, can better deal with daily stresses and the commute doesn’t seem quite as long or tedious. Dr. Sable’s office hours and location are convenient for me. His front desk staff is pleasant and extremely helpful with medical insurance relieving one more “pain.” Dr. Sable is professional and personable. He explains in a simple and straightforward manner why you feel better and he reinforces during every visit what the treatment does to help you feel better and how you can continue to feel good. I prefer chiropractic treatment to the conventional medical therapies. The adjustments provide relief, and if all commuters had access to the water tables, there would be no more road rage. I am very glad I made that decision and I have recommended Dr. Sable’s care to my friends and family. I look forward to my weekly visits and when travel takes me out of town, it sure is nice to know relief is just a visit away.”

- Rhonda Gebicke, Waldorf, MD

“For years I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain. Whenever I did sit ups my neck would hurt. When I swam my neck would hurt. Even carrying an average size shoulder bag hurt my neck. The pain became unbearable when I started scuba diving. To relieve the pain, I used smaller shoulder bags, muscle relaxers, and pain pills. After a few weeks of Dr. Sable’s care, I could not only swim without pain but scuba dive as well. Doing sit-ups is no longer a pain in the neck! With Dr. Sable’s adjustments my shoulders are now even with my hipbones. It’s like what prayer does for my soul. If I am not communicating with my heavenly father, I receive the wrong information and don’t function properly. When my brain can’t speak to my body parts because of subluxation (pinched nerves… muscle spasms, etc.) it receives the wrong information. I will continue to visit Dr. Sable for preventive maintenance care and wellness care. I want to be healthy for as long as I live. I feel Dr. Sable knows what he is doing and his staff is very friendly. I started care because I was in pain, but now I know this treatment is necessary for other health issues too.”

- Verna Lampkin, Fort Washington, MD

“I had been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for several years. Driving, lifting, putting on jewelry and buttoning my clothes were all painful activities for me. In 1994, I had surgery on my right hand to try to alleviate the pain, but after a couple of years the pain returned. More recently to relieve the pain, I tried using pain pills and a heating pad which only brought temporary relief. After about 3 weeks of Dr. Sable’s care, I noticed an improvement and within 2 months I was beginning to feel much better. I’m now able to use my hands without pain. I can drive, sleep and pick up small things all pain-free. Dr. Sable is prompt, explains his treatments, and his office staff is friendly. I have told others about my improvement and satisfaction with Dr. Sable’s chiropractic care and suggested they try it.”

- Geraldine Bullock, Indian Head, MD

“I had pain in my right arm and a pinched nerve in the side of my neck. I had this problem off and on for a number of years. I felt pain whenever I raised my arm or turned over in bed. I used Tylenol PM at night to help me sleep, and cope with the pain. I decided to seek chiropractic care since I thought I might have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Once I began chiropractic care, I started feeling better after just several visits. Now that I can move my arm without thinking about it and without pain; it would be nice to try tennis again.”

- Lucy Gray, North Beach, MD

"After being involved in a recent car accident, I suffered from lower back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain for over two months. Because of the pain, I was unable to enjoy fishing, weight lifting, restoring cars, and most other everyday activities. I tried physical therapy, pain pills, and muscle relaxers.  The results of these treatments were non-conclusive. A friend recommended chiropractic care, once I began Dr. Sable’s care I started feeling better in 1 month. Now I’m able to do nearly everything I used to be able to do. I will continue to visit Dr. Sable for care to try to eliminate all the pain and return to normal. Dr. Sable provides outstanding care and is friendly and understanding. He has done what he said he’d do. He made the pain go way and stay away!"

- Mickalei Meyer, Pomfret, MD

“I had pain in the shoulder, neck, arms, hands and fingers. I was told I had severe carpal tunnel in my right hand and mild carpal tunnel in my left. I suffered with this pain for about 14 years. It affected my life almost everyday. I wasn’t able to enjoy exercising and using my hands. I was going to have surgery, but now I no longer need to and I no longer need medication. Once I began Dr. Sable’s care, I started feeling better after about a week and a half. Most of the problems disappeared in about a month and a half. My life has changed for the better because I am able to do lots of things that I wasn’t able to do in the past. It is wonderful. I’m a lot happier. I will continue to visit Dr. Sable to relieve stress of the nervous system. He is very pleasant, his staff is friendly, and he talks to you about your problems during your session. Dr. Sable knows exactly what he is doing and explains everything about the body clearly."

- Gloria Wallace, Huntingtown, MD

"I had headaches for about five years before I sought Dr. Sable’s care. The headaches affected how I did in school about 90% of the time. My life in general was affected by the headaches. Everything I did, I did in pain. I went to medical doctors, eye doctors, and a neurologist. All they did was give me pills, pills, and more pills.  I read about how Dr. Sable could help relieve my headaches and I wanted to try it. About three or four months later, I was feeling better and I feel much better today than I did before. I am doing better in school and I can do things without pain. If I do get pain, it’s only ½ as bad as it used to be. I enjoy getting adjusted. It makes me relaxed and it helps to reduce my headaches.

I like Dr. Sable’s office because they are flexible with your visits. They understand people’s schedules change and if you miss an appointment they will even call you to make another one. Just give it time. Your body won’t return to normal in just a few visits. Give it time."

– Jason Burton, LaPlata, MD

“I had been suffering from pain in my legs, back and foot. I was unable to do most activities. Four years ago I had surgery, which didn’t help. The pain increased as the years went on. Then I injured it again about a year ago. Because of the pain, my work was greatly affected and I did no recreational activities. My energy level and attitude also became affected. I could no longer enjoy bike riding, walking, and playing with my son.  Basically everything! I tried pills, surgery, shots in my back, rest, ice and rehabilitation. Some of these treatments provided short-term relief but I still had pain. I decided to seek Dr. Sable’s care because a friend of mine recommended him and I had nowhere else to turn. Once I began care, I started noticing I was feeling better in 1 ½ to 2 weeks. Today I am off the couch and able to do every day activities, play with my son, and play music with out pain. The success I have had has encouraged me to continue care. Dr. Sable knows what he is doing, my visits are short and I can only benefit more.”

- Mark Taylor, Hollywood, MD

"I came to see Dr. Sable because I suffered from lower back pain along with numbness and pain in one or both legs. I had discomfort and slight aches in my lower back on and off for approximately ten years. However, the last couple of years, the aches became unbearably painful. This uncomfortable condition placed limits on many of my physical activities including walking, sitting, lifting, and bending over to get into and out of my car. Even bending over to tie my shoelaces was painful. At one time, I was an ardent bowler enjoying the sport for many years. When I began to experience the back pain, I was forced to give up bowling. I tried aspirin and various over the counter pain pills for relief, to no avail. I did not seek any professional medical help for this condition until I visited Dr. Sable. About 35 years ago, I had some slight discomfort in my lower back and decided to visit a chiropractor, which provided some relief. I thought perhaps a visit to Dr. Sable might help relieve some of the excruciating pain I was experiencing. After the first couple of treatments, the pain in my lower back began to subside and I was feeling about 90% better.

Approximately six weeks to two months after my first treatment, the pain in my lower back and buttocks and the pain and numbness in my legs completely disappeared. The general discomfort I had felt in my body was gone. Today, I feel like a new person. Now I can bend, lift things, walk, climb up on my tractor, attend to cultivating my garden, and cutting a few acres of grass. Getting in and out of my car used to be a very painful task, which I no longer experience today. Even after driving 12 hours straight (round-trip to New England) I exit the car without the pain and discomfort I experienced before Dr. Sable’s care. Just think- all this relief without one single dose of any medication- amazing!

I continue my visits to receive treatments that aid in reducing uncomfortable pressure points that may develop. During my seventy years on earth, I have learned one thing for sure; when you find something that gives you comfort and pain relief, stick with it!

I haven’t returned to bowling yet, but that is another activity I’d like to schedule in the near future."

- Robert Cleary – LaPlata, MD

“I had migraine headaches 3-4 times a week for 10-15 years. I did not enjoy being around people because of the noise. I took pain pills, muscle relaxers, had a CT scan, was under a doctor’s care and took different medicine that did not help. Once I started Dr. Sable’s care, I noticed a difference in the first week. My headaches disappeared in the first week of care. Now, I enjoy getting out of bed everyday without a headache. I enjoy being with my grandchildren more. I will continue to visit Dr. Sable to keep from getting back to where I was a year ago and to be able to go about my daily routine without a headache. I would recommend Dr. Sable to my friends.”

- Mary McNeil, Colonial Beach, VA

“I was suffering from lower back pain, which extended down both legs for several years and at times after having several different accidents such as falling from a ladder. Because of the different accidents and never feeling completely healed, I have avoided many activities. I could no longer enjoy heavy lifting, construction, or long distance running. Before seeking Dr. Sable’s care, I visited several doctors who advised me to take pain relievers and not to do strenuous activities. Two different physicians advised me about my condition but knew of no cure. One orthopedic told me to simply not lift anything over 2 pounds and come back in two weeks. (I didn’t return) I knew there was something wrong with my back because pain is not natural. I am not referring to minor discomfort but true pain. Once I began Dr. Sable’s care, I felt better immediately (as I walked to my vehicle after my first visit!). There was less tension in my lower back and I had no difficulty getting into my vehicle. “My Problem” has not completely disappeared, but I feel as though it has become 90% better. I feel 10 years younger! It’s nice to get up in the morning without pain. The day goes by easier. My “quality of life’ has increased dramatically. After all the years of pain and discomfort, it’s great to feel I can do things I did 10 years ago! As each week goes by, I feel better with less discomfort. The lower back pain has nearly disappeared and the pain shooting down my leg is gone.”

– Daniel Muchow, Retail Business Owner, Leonardtown, MD

“I had numbness and swelling in my fingers and aching in my lower arm up to my elbows. Early in the morning it was difficult to get dressed, to hold a coffee cup and most of all being able to do a roller set. I suffered for several months before seeking treatment. I had worn braces for my hands and wrist when I slept to try to relieve the pain but the results were not good. I couldn’t take off work for surgery and the six-week recovery. No work. No pay. Not good when you’re self-employed. Once I was under Dr. Sable’s care, it probably was about 2 or 3 weeks when I started noticing I was feeling better. I still experience some numbness but only short term and my sleep is not interrupted as much. Best of all, now I’m not worried about losing my business. I will continue to visit Dr. Sable for treatments because the mobility of my body is much better. I’m hoping for complete change in my hands by following Dr. Sable’s advice.”

- Susan Posey, Hairdresser LaPlata, MD

“For 2 years I had leg pain. I was not able to enjoy running or walking and was using muscle relaxers to reduce the pain. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Sable’s care. I made an appointment and after a week, I was feeling better. My leg pain disappeared after a month of treatment. I am now able to enjoy walking again. I will continue to see Dr. Sable so that the problem does not come back.”

– Annie Ross, Welcome, MD

“I had unbearable headaches for 5-7 years. The headaches affected my life approximately 3 or 4 times a week. I could not enjoy normal activities like spending time with my husband and daughter. I tried pain pills and taking daily medication to help control the onset of headaches. The daily medication seemed to work a little in the beginning, but my headaches started to come back more frequently and were still very painful. I decided to try Dr. Sable’s care because I had nothing to lose. I was tired of living with headaches everyday. Once I began his care, I started to notice a difference in 2 weeks. Within a few weeks I wasn’t having headaches at all. Now I don’t worry about ‘am I gonna get a headache today or when’s my headache going to start.’ I think I am much happier and have more patience. I can spend more quality time with my family. I do not want to go back to living with horrible pain almost on a daily basis. Dr. Sable has helped me tremendously. His office hours are convenient and his staff is friendly. He gets you in and out as quickly as possible."

– Kim Wursta, Great Mills, MD

"I was initially diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome approximately 3 to 5 years before deciding to seek additional help.

I would awake during the night with numbness and tingling in the fingers of my right hand. This condition had actually gone on for about 5 years. I had used a hand/arm splint for comfort. Early on this did help however as time went on I noticed that the splint was not helping. I discussed the fact that I was not getting relief with my doctor at the time and was told that I may have to have surgery. I immediately decided that I needed another opinion. I had discussed this problem with others who advised me that surgery had not corrected the problem. More importantly surgery was a last option for me.

I decided to try chiropractic care because I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, particularly if in fact I got relief from this problem. I believe that it took about 3-4 visits before I actually began to see a difference. It was a positive difference for me. I began to sleep throughout the night without numbness and tingling in my hand and fingers. I also realized that I no longer needed to sleep with the arm/hand splint on. It definitely made me happy. I regretted that I had suffered for so long.

Initially, I was going to see Dr. Sable for treatments 3 times a week. After about 3 months I feel a definite, positive result. I definitely recommend chiropractic visits for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I also like the relaxed atmosphere of this office. I like the fact that I did not have to fill out claim forms. All of that was taken care of with the proper information from the patient.

In closing, I want to express a special, “THANK YOU!” to Dr. Sable for his patience in helping me to understand that with time my carpal tunnel syndrome condition would get better with proper nerve ending alignment within the body.”

– Connie Ambush, Issue, MD

“I was suffering from pain in my neck and arm. The pain comes on with winter. It has affected my daily activities off and on for years. I tried taking Aleve to stop the pain but it never lasted very long. I decided to visit Dr. Sable for pain relief. After my first treatment, I started feeling better the same day. After a few weeks, the pain disappeared completely. The pain is gone and I feel much better.”

- William Sweet, Clinton, MD

“After a car accident, I had no feeling in my right hand, a stiff neck, and lower back pain. At the same time, I had severe headaches. The pain affected my daily life for about a month and a half. I couldn’t enjoy playing with my kids, sitting for a long period of time, walking a long distance or exercising. Before seeking treatment from Dr. Sable, I took mostly pain pills to try to ease the pain. After the first adjustment, I could feel a difference. I felt much better. In about two months the problem completely disappeared. I think I felt better than before my accident. I can perform my job. I can pick up my son. The headaches and back pain are gone and the feeling in my right arm returned. Dr. Sable office staff is friendly and professional. I felt I received good care.”

– Joy Proctor-Fenwick, California, MD

“Severe tingling sensation of my fingers, numbness and pain on both hands and wrists radiating through out the entire length of my arms all the way to my neck persisted intermittently for 6-7 months before I sought treatment. The first few months involved my hands, wrists and arms- with the last month resulting in pain radiating all the way to my neck. Prior to the onset of the above symptoms, I weight trained three times a week and walked 1- 1 and ½ hours five days a week. Due to the discomfort and pain aggravated by light housework, my daily activities were severely limited for a period of two months prior to starting treatment. I had surgery on my right hands in 1994 to relieve the carpal tunnel syndrome pain.

At the time, I had no problems in my left hand. At the onset of symptoms I mentioned earlier, I had been taking extra strength Tylenol to overcome the pain and to allow me to sleep. A month after the surgery on my right hand, I went back to work feeling fine and without pain. After working for 2 years however, the carpal tunnel symptoms returned to my right hand-but at the time they were bearable enough for me to continue to have a normal life. But, with the onset of severe pain to hands, wrists and arms and more recently with the pain radiation to my neck, the only solution I knew at the time was surgery.

Late, having read an article about the benefits of chiropractic care, I decided to try it in lieu of surgery. I noticed improvement in the 3rd week of treatment. The neck pain has completely disappeared. Occasionally, I feel a slight tingling and minor discomfort on my hands and wrist, but the two months of treatment has considerably improved my condition-well enough for me to resume my weight training and brisk walking with only minimal discomfort. Chiropractic treatment has allowed me to return and enjoy my daily walks and weekly weight training lifestyle.  I’ve also been able to get back to other activities such as working on my spring garden. In my particular case, chiropractic care offers relief without surgery in addition to negating the need for pain medication. The friendly, accommodative and informative nature of the doctor and staff makes it easy for any patient to feel special."

- Emiliana Cariaso, Dunkirk, MD

“I had been suffering from shoulder and neck pain and muscle spasms in my shoulder for about 3 weeks. The pain totally affected my life. I could no longer enjoy my daily activities I took pain pills and muscle relaxers to try to reduce the pain. Other doctor’s were not able to help relieve the pain and the pills they prescribed only made me sleepy but did not reduce the pain. A friend suggested I try Dr. Sable treatments. After a week, I was feeling better. In two weeks, the pain disappeared. My shoulder and neck is much better and there is no pain in my wrists. I will continue to visit Dr. Sable to feel well.”

- Thelma Bell, Cashier, Waldorf, MD

"Before coming to see Dr. Sable I had lower back pain and pain in both knees for two to three months. Because of the pain I was no longer able to run or exercise. I had tried muscle relaxers, pain pills, physical therapy and even seeing various other doctors but nothing seemed to work. I decided to come in and see Dr. Sable because I had heard so many wonderful things about him. I was tired of the pain and feeling older than I am. I started to notice a different after just one week of adjustments. Because of Dr. Sable’s  treatments I am now able to walk and spend time with the grandkids. I have a whole new outlook on life, I feel great! I continue to visit the office for chiropractic care because it makes me feel better; it also keeps my back in alignment."

- Agnes Mills, Mail Handler, Waldorf, MD.

“My name is Alex Saleik and I am 66 years old. I had pain in my left arm, wrist, and hand.  The pain felt like electricity and was going through my left arm, and hand and I had trouble especially when I tried to sleep. I couldn’t get comfortable because of the pain. So after about a month I went to my family doctor, he diagnosed my condition as Carpal Tunnel, and he suggested that I purchase a brace, and wear it to bed at night.  So I bought the brace and used it for about two months, but the pain continued to get worse. I couldn’t sleep. No matter what I did the pain was still there. So about four months ago I didn’t know much about chiropractic care. After thinking about it, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Sable. In about two months of treatment, I noticed the pain was less frequent.  In about three months, the pain was gone completely.  I found out so much about myself that I never realized before. I feel that my body has improved due to Dr. Sable’s treatment. I also recommended that my wife see Dr. Sable for treatment for her neck and back pain, and today she has no pain anymore.  Dr. Sable helped her with a daily exercise to reduce her arm pain. Now we can live our lives pain free.  Thanks to Dr. Sable, we can enjoy our lives to the fullest in our later years."

- Alex Saleik, Jr., Waldorf, MD, Retired U. S. Capitol Police

"I had upper and lower back pain everyday for many years.  It affected my daily routine off and on for many years.  I couldn’t sleep well and sitting for long periods of time really bothered me.  Occasionally I would take muscle relaxers and pain pills to help.  But they only helped temporarily.  My friend recommended that I seek Chiropractic help.  Once I began chiropractic care I noticed feeling better with in 3 weeks.  It took about a month and a half for the problem to disappear.  Now I can get out of bed with out my back hurting, I can sit and not be in pain.  I also do not toss and turn at night. I finally get peaceful sleep every night.  I will continue to come because this is the first time that something has worked to get rid of my back pain and I don’t have to take any medication.  The staff and service are terrific.  I will forever recommend chiropractic care to others."

- Amy Spencer, Day Care Provider, LaPlata, MD

"I have been suffering from numbness in the small finger on my left hand; also I had headaches, pain in the neck, right shoulder and in the right knee. I had been suffering with the numbness for about six months. The numbness effected daily activities such as driving. The pain in my knees affected my driving and walking ability. I tried pain shots and pain pills but nothing seemed to work. The numbness and pain was always there. I decided to go see Dr. Sable and in about three weeks I noticed a difference. The headaches stopped and the pain in my knees and shoulders also went away. I feel young again! I can now use my left hand to drive. And I am able to do yard work and wash my car. Although I am feeling better I know this is a long process and I still have more to have done so I am going to continue to visit the office for chiropractic care. Especially since I enjoy this office, it is very clean and quiet and the people working there are friendly. Also the drive here is very convenient and easy."

- Charles Alexander, Retired, Clinton, MD.

“When I first came to see Doctor Sable, I was near my maximum weight of 545 pounds.  I suffer severe lower back pain and joint pain because of this.  In addition to this I have a host of other medical problems from diabetes to coronary artery disease to partial blindness to partial deafness and it seems like all diseases in between.  Because of these conditions I have seen many a doctor in my day.  All this being said, what’s impressed me most about Dr. Sable is his unique ability to go out of his way to care for and become undeniably interested in his patients.  One can easily see that I cannot lay on a table for a proper spine adjustment, yet Dr. Sable uses a hand tool and is able to align my spine and neck while I sit on the table.  He continually let’s me know that he is not a miracle worker, even though it seems that way to me sometimes, he will do his utmost to have me leave his office feeling better than when I came in.  As far as I can remember, this has always been the case.  He always takes the time to talk with me and shows an interest too!  Really unusual for a doctor.  We talk about sports, travel, me, just about anything!  Sometimes I have to wait a little bit to get into see the doc, because whether he is packed out the door or just has one patient, the doc takes the time to talk with each and every one of his patients so that everyone gets great quality care.  Finally, Dr. Sable offers a wide variety of payment options to ease the burden and stress of his patients.  Just another example of how he cares for his patients.  The bottom line is Dr. Sable just plain makes me feel better before I leave his office.  He shows a genuine interest in me, and he makes it able for me to afford his care.  In the words of an old Bay fisherman, “He’s a keeper!”

– Bob Davis, Waldorf, MD

"I originally came to Dr. Sable because I had been suffering from lower back, hip pain, and pain in the lower left side. I had this pain for about six months. This pain affected my daily activities each and everyday. I could no longer enjoy golfing, yard work, and most daily activities. Before coming to see Dr. Sable, I tried pain pills and muscle relaxers.  The other doctor’s treatment was ineffective, I would feel better only if I limited my activities. But as soon as I started or returned to doing things the pain would return. I couldn’t play golf anymore; I was used to playing 2-3 times a week and didn’t know if I could play ever again. I thought I might have to give it up.  I had been to Dr. Sable years before, and was able to return to doing all the things I had a desire for while remaining pain free the last time he treated me.  I decided to give Dr. Sable a try again because he helped me before. Once I began chiropractic care again, I felt better in about a month at two visits a week. I felt less pain and started daily activities, but at a limited rate. I still have a very mild pain now and then, but nothing like before. I have been able to return to doing all the things I truly enjoy, especially golf, without fear of bad back pains. I continue to visit the office because I would love to continue to feel as good as I do now. I most like the people who run the office and the equipment."

- G.W. Abel Sr., Retired, Waldorf, Md.

“I was suffering from carpal tunnel pain, back pain, neck pain and headache pain for several years.  I continued to work and do my daily activities but with pain. I couldn’t hold my head down for any period of time.  Playing the piano was a task.  Music has been my life. Even putting on my socks was difficult because my hand would pain so badly.   Pain pills, wearing a brace day and night were things I had tried.  My medical doctor told me to get a brace for my neck and hang it on the door and pull my neck 20 minutes each day. I wasn’t buying any more braces of any kind.  I had no results from other doctor’s treatments –just more office visits, medicine, and braces which never worked.  They were taking x-rays of my hand and neck. I even went to a surgeon, but I made up my mind, not to have surgery. It wasn’t going to work anyway.  My life of pain had become so unbearable that I had begun to talk to myself and ask the question, why do we have doctors. The pain medication doesn’t work, and the braces don’t work. I decided to give chiropractic a try.  No pills or surgery was what I was looking for.  In 2 weeks no more waking up in the middle of the night with pain in my hands and arms.   I have no pain from carpal tunnel or the back of my neck like I did when I first came to Dr. Sable’s office.  Now I’m taking life with great stride. I sleep all night now. I can play without pain. I enjoy my rehearsals more and Sunday services with no pain.  It’s Great!  I will continue to see Dr. Sable so that I can get back on track on life’s daily routine and it allows my body to heal correctly.   What I like most about his office is the friendliness and kindness Dr. Sable gives and his staff is great.  Dr. Kenneth J. Sable D.C. talks to me, telling me what he is doing each visit. I really like that.  I only wish that I hadn’t thrown away all those ads for so long a time and had come to Dr. Sable sooner.  I even told my family doctor and gave him a card so that he may send other patients to Dr. Sable for help. I really have gotten a great deal, four problems settled with one office visit to Dr. Sable. I understand now the great actor James Stewart at the end of his rope in life. And he said, God, I want to live again, I want to live again. Now I’m living again and it really is a Wonderful Life.

Thanks Dr. Sable and staff."

- Clarence Ford, Pianist / sales clerk, Port Tobacco, MD

“I hurt my back in a car accident.  My father, Ken Blazer, thought I should seek chiropractic care because I was in bad shape from the accident.  I limped and I could not walk correctly without pain. It did not take long for me to start feeling better.  The treatments that Dr. Sable uses worked so fast. I felt like myself in a matter of weeks.  In a little over a month, the problems completely disappeared.   I feel better than I did before the accident. Dr. Sable really works wonders.   Everybody in Dr. Sable’s office is so personable and caring.  Dr. Sable you are awesome; as for the rest of the crew, Thank You!”

- Danielle Blazer, Bank Teller / Student, Hollywood, MD

"Once I began seeing Dr. Sable believe it or not, as soon as I got off the table from my first adjustment, I mean immediately, I felt better.

I was leaving for a two week vacation and was unable to get an appointment with my doctor because I didn’t have an appointment. I needed to be adjusted so I called Dr. Sable’s office.  He was able to see me right away.  I started chiropractic care because I couldn’t swallow anything unless I used a straw.  I sought treatment right away but it was with several different chiropractors. The swallowing problem lasted for about 3 months. My neck hurt since 1995 and my lower back was for 38 years. (Didn’t know I had a problem)  Because of the pain, I couldn’t enjoy laughing or eating. I had always had a stiff lower back, but I thought it was a normal thing.  For headaches problems I was seeing a chiropractor in Washington State.   For the eating problems, I sought medical help. I was going to a medical doctor, a dentist and several chiropractors.  The results of the other doctors…ZIP-OLA! In other words, they were no good.  However, the chiropractors did take care of my headaches. I decided to continue chiropractic care, because the only thing medical doctors want to do is give you a pill to cover up the problem, not fix it.  Once I began seeing Dr. Sable, believe it or not, as soon as I got off the table from my first adjustment, I mean immediately, I felt better.  My eating problems took about a month to disappear only because I went on a two-week vacation.  My back felt better the first day.  I now feel wonderful.  I can lie on the floor; eat anything I want without having trouble swallowing.  Plus, I don’t have to have Carpal Tunnel Surgery because Dr. Sable took care of that too.  I will continue to see Dr. Sable because he fixes what is wrong with me, without medications. He just has magic fingers.  Dr. Sable shows he cares for his patients and he’s even been know to stay late because of my bus trips home from work.”

- Deborah Robinson, Personal Liaison Specialist, Waldorf, MD


I want to tell you something about Magic Fingers, otherwise known as Dr. Kenneth Sable.

I have been in the area since September of 1995 and I have not met a doctor as wonderful as he is. He’s caring, considerate, understanding and all the wonderful words that comes from the largest dictionary in the world.  When I visit him, he takes the time to listen to my complaints, he makes eye contact and after you tell him what’s wrong, he’ll say, “I’ll do the best I can.”  You know what’s great about that, he does do the best that he can and when I get off the table, I can feel a great difference and my problems seem to just slowly go away.

When I got off the table, after the very first visit that I had with Dr. Sable I could not believe how wonderful I felt. I have been going to a chiropractor since 1981 and no one had ever touched my lower back area, that’s why I didn’t know I had a problem.  I thought I was just born stiff.  After that adjustment, I went home and I could actually bend over and touch my toes, I could lie on the floor and not have my tailbone hurt and most importantly, I was able to eat a hamburger. Medical doctors cannot do for me what MY Doc Sable can.  I have gone to him even to fix my stuffy nose and when I leave, my nose begins to clear up immediately.

Let me tell you one of the things Dr. Sable has taught me about the nervous system. Your nerves are like telephone wires.  When a phone wire gets pinched, you will not be able to receive calls on that particular line.  Therefore, you call your local telephone company (they know the telephone wires) and they will fix it. Well, the same thing applies to your nerves, medical doctors don’t know the nerves like chiropractors, therefore, you should go to a chiropractor to get rid of the pinched nerve, otherwise know as subluxation.

As long as I am here and Dr. Sable is here, I will be seeing him for all my medical needs.

“I had temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) and lower back pain for about 4 years.  It began to affect and limit my daily activities for the last 2 years.  I could no longer enjoy walking, exercising or chewing food.   For the TMJD I had many dental treatments, mouth appliances, physical therapy, pain pills and muscle relaxants. For the low back painful attack, seven weeks bed rest, pain pills, and muscle relaxants.  The TMJD dental specialist treatments helped to relieve the pain to a point, but I still could not chew a lot of foods, laugh, sing or talk too long without pain.  The treatment for my lower back pain relieved the intense back attack but I was unable to return to my normal activities.  My friend, Teresa, encouraged me to see Dr. Sable. She believed he could help me because he has helped her whole family so much.  I could see he had helped her and her family and I was tired of hurting and not able to do very much so I became a patient of Dr. Sable’s.  Right after the first treatment while driving home I noticed increased mobility in my neck, which gave me great hope for success through Dr. Sable’s treatments.  After 18 days I was able to resume many of my activities I had not done for 2 years.  The problem had not completely disappeared but after 57 days I am so much better that my whole family is amazed.  My life has changed so much since seeing Dr. Sable.  I am able to chew food again, walk, participate in church activities work in the yard and go shopping in malls again alone and unafraid of having my back go out on me. I feel happy again.  I will continue chiropractic care to maintain proper spinal alignment.  The staff is friendly and efficient. There is very little waiting time in the office. Dr. Sable always listens to you and cares about you, as does his staff.”

- Deborah Arcane, Retired, Mechanicsville, MD

“I came to see Dr. Sable because I was suffering from carpal tunnel and lower back pain for 2 years. I had tried muscle relaxers, pain relievers and extra strength aspirin, along with ice packs, rest, heat and exercise but it didn’t help much.  After seeing my mother’s treatment from Dr. Sable get her back on her feet and back on the golf course, I decided to seek his care too. After the first week, I was feeling better and my pain disappeared in about a month.  The pain and burning has stopped in my hand. I’m able to sleep better and my neck and shoulders are more relaxed.  I will continue to see the doctor to keep my back in line so the nerves are not pinched.  The staff is friendly and caring. Dr. Sable makes your problem his, you know he cares about you.”

- Barbara (Diane) Jurney, Safeway Bakery Manager, Waldorf, MD

"I had throbbing and numbing pain in my hand, wrist, back, and fingers.  For 3 months, I had this pain that affected my daily activities.  I couldn’t enjoy anything anymore!  The pain was constant.  I had sought relief by going to a neurologist and he prescribed pain pills.  After taking 8-10 pills a day, I only had a little relief.  I decided to seek treatment from Dr. Sable because I was ready to consider surgery.  After 4 or 5 visits I started to feel better.  After my course of treatment, the pain was virtually gone!  My life has changed so much since I started chiropractic care, I am not in pain and I am happy with my treatment.  I continue to come to Dr. Sable because I want to keep what I have.  I do not want the pain to return and thanks to Dr. Sable, I know proper alignment is important.  I like this office because it is professional but still friendly.  I had to repent because I was lazy and considered surgery.  Thanks to Dr. Sable my pain was relieved, NO pills, and NO surgery."

- Don Melvin, Administrator, Owings, MD

"My back had been bothering me for about a month or more.  It affected my daily activities for quit a while.  I was going to the gym but I needed more than the gym to make me feel better. I tried muscle relaxers too but the results weren’t great at all.  I decided to seek Dr. Sable’s care because my body told me I needed too.  Once I started care, I notice my body was feeling better in all kinds of ways.  My pain is disappearing — it’s going away.  I feel a lot better and I think my sinuses and allergies are better too.  I will continue to see Dr. Sable because I get good results.  I like Dr. Sable and his staff. I’ve improved a lot. Dr. Sable is great. If anyone can help he can.  Tell Dr. Sable that Edith Stewart said so!   Thank you!"

- Edith Stewart, Retired, LaPlata, MD

"I first came to see Dr. Sable because I had been suffering from lower back and hip pain. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome. I had this pain for several years however I had been suffering from severe hip pain for about two weeks. This pain affected my daily activities for months. I could not enjoy gardening, walking or shopping anymore.

Before coming to see Dr. Sable I tried other methods of treatment such as pain pills. Even with pain pills I still had pain, the pain pills also made me sleep all the time. I had been thinking about seeking chiropractic care for a while. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Sable.  It only took a few weeks until I started to feel better. I don’t think the pain will ever disappear. I still have pain when I over do it, but the trip to the office for my adjustments helps it go away. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Sable’s I can exercise. I can also shop for a reasonable amount of time. I haven’t tried gardening yet; I am looking forward to spring.

I continue to seek treatment because I want to feel a lot better. I do not want to get out of alignment again and in pain like I was."

- Elizabeth Cooper, Office Processing Clerk, La Plata, Md.

"I decided to become a patient when I was having lower back pain, sciatica and pain in my shoulders and neck. I lived with this problem for about 6 months. The pain that I was having affected my daily activities on a regular basis. I was not able to enjoy anything that required physical activity. Before coming to see Dr. Sable, I tried using muscle relaxers. Also, I tried using physical therapy and I had three cortisone shots, which offered only temporary relief.  The treatment that I received before did not help. The muscle relaxers did nothing more but sedate me. And the physical therapy did almost nothing. I had heard that people were pleased with the results of Dr. Sable so I decided to try him out for myself. After several weeks I was feeling results. My back is continuing to improve. Now that my back is feeling better I am able to care for my two small grandchildren without pain. Also, my attitude is much happier I am more relaxed and cheerful. I will continue to visit Dr. Sable’s office for chiropractic care. I love the atmosphere of Dr. Sable’s office it is very pleasant and friendly. Dr. Sable is especially nice and I like him very much."

- Frances Petrello, Retired, Waldorf, Md.

“I originally decided to seek care for pain in my lower back and right hip.  I had had this pain for about 4 years.  I was not able to enjoy walking long distances or umpiring girl’s softball. I spend a lot of time outdoors, hunting, fishing, and umpiring girls fast pitch softball. On weekends I will umpire about 8-10 games.  After the first game my lower back and right hip would cause me a lot of pain. It was really an ordeal to do the next few games and then I would have to ice my back in the evening. Before seeing Dr. Sable, I tried muscle relaxers and pain pills. I was tired of the nagging pain so my wife referred me to Dr. Sable. After my first week of treatment about 2-3 visits, I was able to do 9 games with virtually no pain. It has not disappeared completely but it has decreased about 90%.  I now look forward to umpiring softball on the weekends.”

- Gary Fillmann, State Fire Marshal, Prince Frederick

“I came to see Dr. Sable to get lower back pain relief.  I had been living with this complaint for about 6 months.   I wasn’t able to walk or golf because of the pain.  I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxers, which provided some relief but thought I might have to have surgery. A friend recommended Dr. Sable. I decided to give chiropractic a try to avoid the surgery.  Once I began care, I started to notice I was feeling better in about a month.  In about 2 months the pain had completely disappeared.  Now I can enjoy golfing, walking and my daily routine.  To keep my condition from recurring, I will continue to see Dr. Sable. His staff is friendly and caring.”

- Hilda Jurney, Retired, LaPlata, MD

“I was suffering from lower back pain and pain running down both my legs.  I had been suffering with back pain off and on from 1969.  It limited my daily activities every time I would do anything strenuous.  So for 30 plus years I had problems walking, doing yard work and just everyday work.  I tried pain pills, muscle relaxers, and physical therapy to relieve the pain.  Therapy didn’t work. Traction didn’t help. Pain pills would stop the pain for a short time but it would always return.  I tried chiropractic care after nothing else would help.  I noticed relief after 9 or 10 treatments.  My pain went away after about the 25th treatment.  I enjoy doing anything I want to do. I get tired but I’m pain free.  I continue to go for treatment so that the nerves will not be pinched, without pinched nerves your body can function better. I like the doctor. The employees are pleasant. The office has good equipment to complete your treatment.  I suggest that anybody should get chiropractic help.  With pain or no pain. The adjustments will keep your spine straight so your nerves will not be pinched.”

- James H. Duncan, Retired, Fort Washington, MD 

"My original complaint was that I had been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and wrists. I had been complaining about this pain for over a year. It limited my daily activities and routine. I couldn’t perform my daily job functions.  I sought treatment with a RA specialist, pain pills, muscle relaxers, and nerve pills. These things worked for a while but the pain came back and so severely at times that it was unbearable. I was getting tired of the pain and all the medications.  Once I started seeing Dr. Sable, in about 2 weeks I really started to notice I was feeling better—in such a short time.  My pain completely disappeared after a month or so of Dr. Sable’s treatments.  I can now fulfill my everyday duties and activities again.  I continue to see Dr. Sable to keep me free of pain for longer periods of time.

I like the friendly atmosphere and the well-organized office at all times.  Waiting times are always smooth moving.  I would like to see more patients come to see Dr. Sable as soon as possible to eliminate any pains they may have.”

- Janice Cooper, Building Service Worker, King George, VA

“I had pain in the neck, lower back and wrists.  It affected my daily activities for about 1 year. With my neck I could not enjoy anything that had my neck in any position for too long, like reading and watching TV.  Running and lifting weights was also a problem as well as playing the guitar and using certain tools at work.  I decided to try chiropractic care after reading letters from patients that had similar problems as me in the testimonials I received from Dr. Sable.   I first noticed my neck was feeling better within the first two weeks. I was able to look up and down for a longer period of time with no pain and was able to read much longer than usual. About a week after that I noticed the pain in my lower back was starting to disappear when I would do certain movements or exercises that would normally cause pain.  And with my hands and wrist I noticed I was able to work with tools a lot longer and with a lot more strength.

After about a month and a half, my problems disappeared. Since I’ve started chiropractic care everything as a whole has become better because when you’re in pain all the time and can’t enjoy the things you like to do it makes everything worse.  Now that I’m feeling better everything from normal activities to the things I enjoy doing have become better, which in turn makes me a better person.  The best thing about the office is how friendly the staff is and how well Dr. Sable explains what he’s doing to your body and answers all your questions so you understand.“

– Jarrod Policelli, Steamfitter, Mechanicsville, MD

"For a year I was unable to do any yard work or gardening and very little housework. Grocery shopping always turned into a very bad day. I quit bowling.

I tried heat, ice, and ointments, rest, every OTC medicine, braces and finally an expensive new mattress. Nothing made a difference. Everyday was bad, some worse than others.

After a year of lower back pain, I decided to try chiropractic treatment.

After just a few weeks of treatments, the stiff feeling eased. Just watching me move around the house, my husband said, “You’re moving better.”

It probably took about three months for me to see a huge difference. But now, this spring, I am doing garden work, cutting and trimming the yard and frantically cleaning. And I plan to bowl this fall.

Dr. Sable and everyone at his office are so kind and caring.

I will continue to come to maintain this well-being."

- Jean Macek, Former Office Manager/ Housewife, Mechanicsville, Md.

"On November 3, I awoke to start yet another day at work.  I noticed that my right shoulder and neck area hurt a little but just figured I had slept on it wrong.  As the day went on the pain stayed about the same.  This pain was off and on for the next day or so.  On November 6th the pain had settled in my upper part of my right arm running from the shoulder down to the elbow.  The pain had risen and in the back of my mind I was thinking – “Could this be a heart attack?”  After 3 days of that type of pain and not having a heart attack (thank goodness) I spoke with a friend at work who was going to see a Chiropractor named Dr. Sable.  She was suffering with terrible pain and numbness in her neck, arm, and wrist.  I would see her sit with the ice packs on and off all day.  She seemed very pleased with the treatment she was receiving and gave me his card.

I had undergone Chiropractic care about 20 years ago and was very pleased at that time so I thought I would try again.

My first visit with Dr Sable was November 12.  Not having a long wait for an appointment gave him a star from me already, and I had not seen him yet.  After my x-ray he showed me where my vertebra was pinched in certain areas and I signed up for treatments.

During all of this time I was in the process of selling my home of 18 years and moving into a smaller home so downsizing was a big part of my life.  I worked 9-hour days and then packed and moved during the evenings and on the weekends.  Needless to say I had a lot of physical movement and high level of stress.  Dr. Sable was always there to listen to how my move was progressing and his staff would work with me and my busy schedule to give me appointment times that I could make.

I am happy to say that I feel great.  The pain has gone away and I must admit my health in general has improved.  I have noticed that I don’t have as many headaches as I use to and just feel better all over.

If you know of anyone that complains from aches and pains and they never seem to go away tell them about Dr.  Sable and his staff.   They can take a roller coaster ride of ups and downs with pain in their life and make it feel like a smooth sailboat ride on a quiet lake!"

- Jean O’Neill, Writer/Editor – Census Bureau, LaPlata, MD

"I decided to do something about the lower back pain I had been having for years.  For years, my daily activities were limited and affected because of my pain.  I couldn’t enjoy running or weightlifting like I used to.  Before coming to Dr. Sable I had been to physical therapy, and taken pain pills.  These treatments made me feel relaxed, yet the pain was still there.  I had been to a chiropractor before so I decided to give Dr. Sable a try.  After beginning treatment with Dr. Sable, I noticed I had felt better after just 3 to 4 days.  In time, my pain has diminished a lot since my treatment began.  My life, attitude and routine have changed a lot because I can walk without pain.  I keep on coming to Dr. Sable. to keep my spine aligned so the pain can stay away.  The reason why I like this office so much is the friendly staff.  Thanks to Dr. Sable. I feel better, MUCH better!"

- John Knox, Retired, Accokeek, MD

"I had been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for approximately 12 years, with the last three years being the worst, before I decided to come see Dr. Sable. The pain in my wrists affected my daily activities such as sleeping, crocheting, writing, needlework, paint by numbers, and hairstyling. My primary care doctor suggested that I have surgery to correct this problem as soon as possible. Before committing myself and putting myself out of commission for months and the fear of loss of the use of my right hand. I decided to try Dr. Sable. It took only one month before I felt the pain in my wrist start to diminish. The pain is still there but it is not as intense. I can live with it now. Dr. Sable has changed my life. I can now sleep through the whole night; I used to wake up 4-5 times a night with neck pain, and numb burning hands. I have also started painting again. I continue to visit the office because I want to continue to un-pinch nerves and keep up my health. I didn’t want to go back to how I felt a few moths ago. I most like the friendly atmosphere of the office. I am always greeted warmly."

- June Hupp, Supervisor/Trainer Curves Inc., Waldorf, Md.

“I was suffering from lower back pain for about a year.  I was unable to weight lift, and I couldn’t walk or stand for long periods of time.  I tried physical therapy and took pain pills but I still had pain.  My brother was receiving treatment from Dr. Sable and he recommended it to me.  Once I began care, I was feeling better after about 5 visits.  I still have some pain but now I can stand and walk longer. I like the treatment I’m receiving from both Dr. Sable and his staff.”

- John Duncan, Retired D.C. Correction Officer, Washington, DC

"I originally came to Dr. Sable because of the pain from my arthritis.  It was affecting my right shoulder, left hip and my right knee.  This had been ongoing for the past two years making it difficult to perform daily activities.  Before coming to Dr. Sable I had multiple injections, pain medication and physical therapy, with no results.  I decided to seek chiropractic care when a friend had told me how much it had helped her.  After one week of coming to Dr. Sable. I started feeling better.  The problems aren’t completely gone yet, but they are progressing wonderfully.  By coming here I have learned what it is like to not be in constant pain and to actually look forward to getting out of bed each morning.  I will keep coming to Dr. Sable. to make sure the problems don’t return and because everyone in the office is very helpful and friendly.  There is never a long wait!"

- June Howe, Retired

"I have been living with a pain in my right leg for about three years before I decided to come see Dr. Sable. The pain became so unbearable that I could not enjoy my everyday activities such as making cookies, working in the flowerbed and even playing with my dog. Before coming to Dr. Sable I tried many different methods of treatment; for example I sought help from a physical therapist, I took pain pills and even tried muscle relaxers. Nothing seemed to work, the pain never went away. Until one day my sister told me about Dr. Sable. At first I was skeptical but after persistence from my sister I decided to make an appointment with him. After my first adjustment I couldn’t believe the difference that it made. At first I could only take baby steps before the pain became too excruciating and I had to stop but now I can walk my whole yard. Dr. Sable made the back pain disappear with in a month. It was amazing. Before coming to see Dr. Sable I was depressed and now I am able to enjoy my daily activities again. I love the friendly and helpful atmosphere of Dr. Sable’s office."

- June Tippett, Retired, Brandywine, MD

"For 16 years I suffered with carpal tunnel pain. For the last 13 years because of the pain I was no longer able to enjoy sleeping.  I don’t know if enjoy is the right word, but the pain limited typing, painting, anything with prolonged wrist motion.    Before coming to Dr. Sable, I tried pain pills.  The pills took away some of the pain. But I know it wasn’t correcting the problem.  After starting care, it took about 2 months for me to start noticing I was feeling better.  The problem hasn’t completely disappeared but has greatly improved.  Since starting chiropractic care my life has improved because I can sleep again. I will continue to visit Dr. Sable because it’s working!”

- Kelly Keyser, Director, CCTV @ MCI Center, Waldorf, MD

“My back and neck were always in pain.  For the last ten years, I was unable to really play with my children, grandchildren, go bike riding or bowl.  I had three operations on my neck but I was still in pain. I was told that I couldn’t do anything I used to do.  I was giving up on life and said that I would give anything to feel better.  In about two months I began to feel better.  It hasn’t totally disappeared, I still have my bad days, but I know that after hurting for so long that I feel 80% better and with on going care, I will get to be even better.   I can play with my children again and I enjoy life thanks to Dr. Sable.”

- Lawrence Coleman Arch, Self-Employed, Benedict, MD

“I was having constant pain in my lower back, knees and some numbness in my hands for over 6 months. I had seen several different doctors. My daily activities and yard work were limited for 3-4 months. I had several different tests and scans and used many pain relievers. Other doctors said there really wasn’t anything wrong with me. I was at wits end to find something to ease the pain I felt almost daily. Within a week after my first few appointments I immediately noticed a big improvement. After about 2-3 weeks, I noticed less back pain and after 4-6 weeks my back pain was gone, and my knee pain has improved tremendously. I still have some pain at times but nothing compared to before. I can do more activities with my grand kids, like walking for 3 hours at the mall. My attitude has changed because I no longer have pain to deal with.  I will continue to visit Dr. Sable to keep my body aligned and conditioned for pain free living. Thank you Dr. Sable for making my life almost pain free each day!”

- Sammie Arnold, Retired, Temple Hills, MD

"I went to see Dr. Sable because I was in PAIN!!!! Particularly in the lower back which made it difficult to get up from a seated or prone position.  Also if the back pain was ignored in favor of trying to do whatever it is that I needed to do — it would become aggravated at that point I couldn’t even walk any more and had to lay still in my bed for as much as three days.

I had trouble with back pain since I was 14 years old. While in the Civil Air Patrol, I got injured learning Judo because some one flipped me improperly.  At 15 years old, while taking gym the injury became irritated and I could no longer take gym.  At 19 years old the disc in my back would slip and catch me off guard and I would crumble to the ground like a rag doll.

I have been enduring this back problem in concert with other physical problems, but the last 3 years have been the worst.  I had to cease to do any and everything.  Before I came to see Dr. Sable, I often could not put on my undergarments, socks, or shoes without help from my daughter or grandchildren.  Recreation and sports was not even a consideration.  Just before I visited Dr. Sable, I had to make sure I ate at work because I needed to go right to bed in order to make it to work the next day or to go to a Christian meeting.  I was beginning to accept this life style and understand that since the other doctors could not do anything this was my march to the death house and it would probably get progressively worse until I died. I could enjoy “Nota!”

Before coming to see Dr. Sable, I would take pain pills, deep heat creams, vioxx, aleve, Advil, Flexoral, steroid shots, cortisone shots, and had surgical removal of my uterus and gallbladder.  The results of the other doctor’s treatments were temporary, painful and costly.

Finally at the age of 52, while considering another surgery (back surgery), I decided to try chiropractic care. My friend had recommended Dr. Sable and told me about the results she felt.  After all, I’ve heard people tell me this for over 30 years. “But how could manipulation of the spine help?”  I reasoned that if the brain controlled neurological and autonomic functions then it could possibly help me. I did not want another surgery, I was desperate.  I thought, what have I a got to lose?

Once I began Dr. Sable’s care, within two weeks, I was feeling better. After two months, I became more active.  I went to Europe, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Paris.  This trip required a lot of walking and carrying luggage.

My pain has not disappeared completely, but the pain is minimal.  I have very high hopes and I can say I am very happy.

My life has changed. I do things after I get home from work.  I now consider what is my next project or adventure.  My attitude is “no longer waiting for death to come claim me, it will have to catch me.”   I enjoy doing repairs around the house and up grading my electrical fixtures, manicuring my feet and a host of other things.

I believe that if Dr. Sable has brought me this far, then just perhaps, he can take me the rest of the way – to the point that I can actually ride a horse and not walk him.  The possibilities are endless.

The staff is fast, friendly and helpful."

- Sheila Dismuke-Williams, Secretary Office Automation, Waldorf, MD

“I was unable to do my job. I had been a school bus driver for 31 years.  All of a sudden, I couldn’t do it anymore. My hands were numb, tingling and in a great deal of pain. I had been suffering for 8 months. It affected me when I walked, exercised, drove my car, wrote and did housework.  At first, I struggled trying to do things, such as putting my clothes on, tying my shoes, holding a fork to feed myself or even driving my car, and yes, writing.  I would get in the tub to take a bath and couldn’t get out without hanging over the side and pulling myself up to crawl out.  I couldn’t even hold a cup of coffee or a glass of water without putting both hands on it or I would drop them on the floor. These are things we take for granted everyday. Just stop and think. What can you do without your hands? I realized that I could not sit here and feel sorry for myself. I’m going to do something about it. I had tried pain pills and wearing a brace at night to help relieve the pain.  None of these things worked except wearing the brace at night stopped my hands from going to sleep.  Then I began Dr.  Sable’s care. I started to notice I was feeling better in about 4 weeks.  The problem has not disappeared completely but it has improved a whole lot.  I can change and make up my bed now. I didn’t have the strength to do so before. I can do most of my housework now by myself such as vacuuming or sweeping the floors, peeling potatoes, curling my hair, and washing my hair. I can do what I want to do again. I do whatever I want to. I don’t have to wait for some one else to come help me.  I will continue visiting Dr. Sable for care because I see and feel the difference taking place in my body. I want to continue to correct the problem completely.  The office staff makes you feel like you’ve known them all your life. They are friendly and concerned about how my body feels.  It doesn’t take all day to be seen by the doctor. I want to thank you, Dr. Sable, for giving me back my life."

- Shirley M. Scott,  LaPlata, MD

"I had pain in my lower back for at least 8 years.  It was always recurring.  It would last about 2 weeks then would get better then it would act up again.  I couldn’t drive or work.  It was really tough to walk.  I used pain pills and muscle relaxers and nothing fixed my problem.  The muscle relaxers would work temporarily and then the pain would reappear later.  I decided to seek a Chiropractor because I was tired of taking pills and I also wanted a professional opinion and treatment that showed results.  After seeing Dr. Sable for only 3 weeks I started to notice a difference.  I was feeling better.  About another 2 to 3 weeks the problem disappeared.  I can walk, drive and work pain free.  My attitude is better because I’m pain free.  I will continue to follow the recommended therapy because it is working.  I think chiropractic makes more sense than a bunch of medicine. The office staff is great and the beds are cool too.  I do and will continue to recommend this office to friends and family."

- Tim Spencer, Pipe Fitter, LaPlata, MD

“I had been suffering from shoulder pain, wrist pain, and muscle spasms for about 3 weeks.  The pain totally affected my life. I could no longer enjoy daily activities. I took pain pills and muscle relaxers to try to reduce the pain. Two other doctors were not able to help relieve the pain and the pills they prescribed only made me sleepy but did not reduce the pain. A friend suggested I try Dr. Sable’s treatments.  After about a week, I was feeling better. In two weeks, the pain disappeared. My shoulder is much better and there is no pain in my wrists. I will continue to visit Dr. Sable to feel well.”

- Thelma Bell, Cashier, Waldorf, MD


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